Computer Forensics

Computer forensic analysis and electronic discovery are the processes of obtaining electronic evidence from computers and electronic media in order to analyze and preserve that evidence for admissibility in court. Alpha Omega Investigations' forensics department has dedicated staff that specialize in the identification, extraction, interpretation and most importantly, documentation of electronic evidence. We work with individuals, businesses, and lawyers that are skilled in all areas, including preparation for legal actions and trial.

Our computer forensic staff, which holds two accreditations from the National Security Agency, can help you recover deleted files such as documents, PDFs, movies, graphics, and photos.

Additionally, our computer forensic specialists and private investigators can:

Both our licensed private investigators and our forensic investigators are highly skilled at acquiring and delivering legal evidence. We have the training and experience necessary to analyze and uncover electronic evidence. Our high level of training and legal experience serves to ensure the court admissibility the electronic evidence we recover.

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